River Lawn Quilting uses an APQS "Lucey."  It is a stitch-regulated machine, giving professional results.

Can I help you finish your quilt?

I've been quilting for over 30 years and know how easy it is to have many unfinished projects!  How about  you?

If you want to clean up those unfinished items, I can help!  I use the APQS (American Professional Quilting Systems) "Lucey" longarm quilting machine for a professional finish for your quilt.  

The service I offer is "Comfort Quilting."  I do free-hand quilting in harmony with the design of your quilt.  The quilting highlights the beauty of your quilt, and the quilt retains its softness.  Each design will be unique, because your quilt is unique!


I serve the folks who want to make quilts for their loved ones - quilts that are beautiful and useful and, most of all, comfortable!  When I have completed quilting your project, it will look beautiful and feel soft.

Do you have a quilt top ready to go?  Contact me, and we'll get the process rolling!

Here are pictures of quilts I've finished!