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Hi!  I'm Lois Mease. 

My goal is to help home quilters

create beautiful, comfortable quilts.  

I send a monthly newsletter with pictures of what I'm working on and helpful tips for you.  When you sign up for my newsletter, I'll send you a short video on how to organize your stash!

Thanks for subscribing!

Would you like to learn how to choose colors for your quilts?

I am a certified instructor for Shannon Brinkley's "Color Confidence for Quilters" course.  My classes help you develop an "eye" for color.  Learn the science of color!  Trust your inner artist!  Make your next fabric pull fun!  I'll be teaching a Zoom class soon.  My newsletter will give you the schedule!



If you need a great color wheel, I have one for you!


Do you have a lot of fabric in your stash?

My "Stash Savvy" system is designed to help you organize - and use! - your stash.  With this system, you will be able to see exactly what fabric you have and how much of it you have.  If you organize by color, it's even easier to grab what you want and start sewing.  I offer a program for quilt guilds.

Can I help you finish your quilt?

I use the APQS (American Professional Quilting Systems) "Lucey" longarm quilting machine to create a professional finish for your quilt.  

I call my style, "Comfort Quilting."  I do hand-guided free-motion quilting in harmony with the design of your quilt.  The quilting highlights the beauty of your quilt, and the quilt retains its softness.  Each design will be unique, because your quilt is unique!


Do you have a quilt top ready to go?  Contact me, and we'll get the process rolling!

River Lawn Quilting uses an APQS "Lucey."  It is a stitch-regulated machine, giving professional results.

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Dawley quilt.jpg

Here are pictures of quilts I've finished!

bishop Amy quilt.jpg
twister color wheel.jpg
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