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Koen's Quilt was made from pre-cuts that I made from my own stash.  

About Me

I've been sewing since I was a little girl, and I've been quilting for over 30 years.  I have spent years doing hand quilting.  It's beautiful, but it takes a long time!  Now I have a longarm quilting machine, and I love getting projects finished!

I have always loved playing with color, and jumped at the chance to be a certified teacher for Shannon Brinkley's Color Confidence for Quilters!  Shannon's curriculum is so helpful.  She made me appreciate my own inner artist, and helped me understand the science of how colors work together.  Now I can help you, too!

The first quilt that I finished on my longarm machine is a "Koen Quilt."  I designed the quilt for my great-nephew who asked for a quilt for his birthday.  His birthday was only six weeks away!  He told me his favorite colors were blue and green, so I came home to my "stash." (I've pre-cut some of my stash into squares and strips.)  I planned a bit, and then just started sewing squares together.  I loaded it in my longarm machine, stitched it together.  I sewed on the binding - and Koen had his quilt.  Well, not exactly on his birthday, but not too long after!


This business is named after the farm I lived on when I was a little girl.  My great-grandfather secured the homestead in Wisconsin and moved his family from South Dakota because he wanted to be near water and trees! The place was named "River Lawn Farm."  It's always been a comfortable and beautiful place in my memory!  And life was simpler then.  The farm informs my values:  Beauty.  Comfort.  Simplicity.

My best quilting buddies are the Hope Quilters.  We're a group of ladies who have been making quilts for over 30 years.  We sell them to raise funds for the Hope Conference and Renewal Center, which is the camping ministry of the Moravian Church, Eastern District.  We hold a four-day retreat in the fall to hand quilt a full size quilt.  We get together every other month or so to shop or work on projects.  One of these friends introduced me to machine quilting! 

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