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Stash Savvy Patterns are designed to help you make use of your stash!


  • You don't have to run to the quilt shop to get fabric!  Just grab what you need from your stash.

  • Patterns are quick and forgiving. 

  • Techniques are simple and effective.

  • Directions are conversational - and gentle.  Not like your HomeEc teacher!

  • There are pictures of every step!


Each pattern makes a small quilt, which will work as a wall hanging or a throw.  If  you love making the pattern, you can make a larger quilt!  The patterns have ideas for how you can create a big quilt.


Each pattern has a "Color Tip" that will help that quilt come alive.


I want you to be able to sew simply and serenely.  I don’t want you worrying about too many details.   I will never have you cut up hundreds of little pieces and then have to organize them to sew them together.  


My fantasy is that quilters will use what you have on hand – your stash!  I like to imagine you walking into your sewing room, grabbing some fabric that appeals to you that day, and starting to sew.  


I also want you to tap into your own creativity.  I want you to discover your inner artist.  I'll give you color tips that will build your color confidence.  I hope my patterns are a springboard for you to jump off and create even more beautiful quilts.

Happy Quilting!

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