Old Home Quilt Patterns are inspired by my Grandmothers, who were masters of “making do.”  Whatever they or their families needed, they had to make.  They used what was on hand, and they made the best of it.  Both were daughters of Norwegian immigrants and homemakers, married to farmers in rural Wisconsin.  They were inspired by nature and appreciated the vivid colors they saw outdoors.

My patterns use what you have on hand – your stash!  My vision is that you will be able to walk into your sewing room, grab some fabric that appeals to you that day, and start sewing.  My Stash Savvy program will help you get your stash organized so it’s easy to “grab and sew”.  Details coming soon!


I want you to be able to sew simply and serenely.  I don’t want you worrying about too many details.   I want your sewing to be forgiving.  When things go wrong, I give you ways to use it to your advantage or correct it with grace.  I want you to tap into your creativity and discover your inner artist.  I will help you learn how colors work together.  I will encourage you to look to nature for your inspiration.  Most of all, I want you to create warmth and comfort for people you love.

Stay tuned!  The patterns are coming soon!