Color Confidence for Quilters

I am a Certified Instructor in Color Confidence for Quilters.  Developed by Shannon Brinkley, Color Confidence is designed to help quilters learn the science of color and develop their personal intuition for selecting fabrics. 


Shops and Guilds:  I offer a one-hour "Introduction to Color Confidence" program as well as a full Color Confidence workshop, both available in person or via Zoom. In the Color Confidence Program, we study the characteristics of color, learn how to use a color wheel, and discuss working with prints so that quilters can confidently pull fabric palettes that create beautiful quilts. In the Color Confidence Workshop, we dig deeper into the characteristics of color including how to incorporate neutrals. Participants engage in hands-on exercises to help train their eye to see subtle differences in colors. Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of your group, and I can work with you to schedule a longer or shorter workshop based on your schedule.   





Quilters:  Learn Color Confidence for Quilters in my live online classes!  

The one hour program looks at color theory in a way that helps quilters understand their fabric choices.  We will look at hue, value, saturation and clarity.  Using prints will be discussed.  We will talk about harmony and contrast, and discuss ways your quilts can be balanced.  Of course, I will show several quilts!  And I'll do my best to answer your questions!

Introduction to Color Confidence - 1 hr on Zoom!

Class Times are coming soon! 

Quilters:  Explore Color Confidence in Depth for Quilters   Five sessions, 1 hr each.  

Five Sessions!  Schedule coming soon!



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Sew-Alongs are classes for any level quilter, but I use easy techniques and processes so beginners won't be overwhelmed.  I'll take you through the whole process, step by step - simply and serenely.   You’ll learn all the nitty-gritty details to sew beautiful quilt tops and enjoy the process, too!  You do not need to purchase the pattern.  

Stash Savvy

Do you have a lot of fabric in your stash?  Can you just grab what you need and start sewing?  Stash Savvy is a system to organize your fabric so you can do just that.  You will learn how to arrange your fabric in a way that you can see exactly what you have.  And it will be ready to cut and sew.  

Zoom class - 1 hour long -  will be scheduled soon.

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